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The Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital has been transformed into an internationally renowned institution in quality service delivery, training of mental health professionals and, research in mental health and related fields. With the infrastructural development, availability of basic necessities for delivery of quality service and job satisfaction such as water supply, transport, availability of power and internet services, the hospital has in no doubt found a place among mental health institutions of high class in Nigeria and the West African region.

A Brief Historical Background

The Hospital was established in 1975 by the then government of North Central State of Nigeria as a psychiatric hospital and School of Psychiatry Nursing. The Federal Government of Nigeria took over the Hospital in 1996 and it became Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital with three (3) core mandates.

  • Provision of specialized mental health services.

  • Training of mental health care professionals

  • Research in mental health related field.

The Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital hence inherited 100% staff of the state hospital and the infrastructure. The facility included two wards, an outpatient department, a block of two class rooms, a student’s hostel and four three bedroom bungalows that served as staff quarters. By 2010 the only additional infrastructures were a generator house, library, ECT suite. A ward built and donated by Kaduna State Government to serve as drug rehabilitation ward could not be put to full use due to structural defects.


  • Construction and equipping of purpose built laboratory

  • Procurement and installation of laboratory equipments

  • Purchase and installation of anaesthetic machine with full monitors for modified Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

  • Purchase and installation of new Electroencephalogram (EEG) machine

  • Rehabilitation of old EEG machine

  • Purchase of new sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, weighing machines, diagnostic sets etc for the clinics and the wards

  • Construction of new occupational therapy centre.

  1. WARDS

Prior to the year 2010, the infrastructure for clinical services were inadequate and in dilapidated state. The only two functional wards were overcrowded and lacked adequate water supply. Beds, examination couches and tables were in disrepair in the wards and out patient department.

Massive infrastructural development was embarked upon with the following projects being executed in record time and were all commissioned by the Hon. Minister of State for Health and The Late Governor of Kaduna State, Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa.

  1. Reconstruction of the female ward to convert it into modern ward.

  2. Refurbishing of the OPD and installation of new furniture and examination couches.

  3. Refurbishing of emergency

  4. Construction of new a male ward.

  5. Construction of new a female ward.

  6. Rehabilitation of the drug ward.

  7. Construction of child and adolescent ward.

  8. Construction of therapeutic day care centre for children with psychological disorders.

  9. Construction of interlocked walking between the wards.

  10. Construction of interlocked walkways between the ward, the OPD and the medical laboratory.

  11. Purchase of new Peugeot Ambulance.

  12. Expansion and modernization of the pharmacy.


These interventions have significantly:

  • Overall increase in quality of service delivery

  • Overall increase in quantum of service delivery

  • Overall increase in revenue generation base of the hospital

  • Increased the outpatient turnover by over 100%

  • Increased the inpatient bed space from 80 to 200,

  • The only child/adolescent mental health facility in the North

  • The best and most modern drug rehabilitation service (adjudged by UNODC in 2014)

  • Biggest medical laboratory in Kaduna south

  • Decreased patient waiting time at OPD and emergency by 75%

  • Overall increase in quality of care

  • Modified ECT (under anaesthesia) which is the most modern technique globally

  • Consistent availability of EEG service

  • Easy accessibility all the service delivery points within the hospital

  • Decrease in number of patients that abscond from the hospital

  1. POWER

Purchase and installation of 150Kva generating plant

Purchase and installation of 500Kva generating plant

Upgrading of 100kva transformer to 300Kva

Purchase and installation of 500Kva transformer

  1. WATER

Construction of 5 nos. Bore hole with 4nos. 6000litres Overhead water tanks

Construction of 4nos. 47,000litres underground strategic water reservoirs at different locations in the hospital.

Purchase of a new 11,000litres Isuzu water tanker

  1. Residency training

The numbers of resident doctors have increased from 18 to 32 within three years; this has placed the institution as one of the largest residency training centres for psychiatry in West Africa.

  • Reconstruction and furnishing of the central Library

  • Provision of Wireless internet (WIFI) in the hospital.

  • Installation of Computers, Printers, Scanners and Photocopiers for use in the Library.

Achievement Increase in pass rate at college examinations

  1. School of Post Basic Psychiatric Nursing

The school had just four tutors without basic tools required for training of psychiatric nurses. To remedy this, the following were put in place:

  • Increase the number of Nurse Tutors from 4 to 12.

  • Increase in enrolment (carrying capacity) from 30 to 50

  • Secured accreditation from Nursing Council

  • Rehabilitation of class rooms

  • Rehabilitation and equipping of computer lab

  • Purchase of 30 Seater Coaster Bus

  • Construction of bore hole and overhead water storage tank

  • Annual workshop of School of Psychiatric Nursing for three years


This has lead to the school consistently achieving the best result in post basic psychiatric nursing examinations of the Nursing Council of Nigeria for three years (2011 – 2014).

  1. General Environment and Other Services

The hospital has beautiful scenery with the construction of 1km road network and interlocked walkway that makes it a truly healing environment. The hedges and lawns are well maintained and the hospital can also boast of fruit gardens that a strategically located in different parts of the hospital. Specially designated parking spaces for staff and visitors coupled with the security personnel have greatly increased security of lives and property within the hospital. We engage in publicity activities that have lead to increase in service update by host community. These include regular interaction on Radio/TV and Print media. We have also established good relationship with our host community, we have established outreach psychiatric centres at Katsina, Funtua, Birnin Gwari, Kachia and Ikara.

Since 2010, the hospital has been producing quarterly high quality newsletter, this is for dissemination of activities of the hospital community.

  1. Staff training and welfare

  • Capacity building of staff by sponsorship of in-service training, short term training and workshops

  • Support of staff in times of distress, including home visits

  • Welfare packages to motivate staff

  • Constructive dialogue with various Unions in the hospital

  • Purchase of new 18 Seater Toyota Hiace bus

  • Construction and of staff lounges and kitchen

All these have strengthened the relationship between the staff and management

Subspecialty Clinics

  • Child and Adolescent

  • Forensic Psychiatry

  • General Adult Psychiatry

  • Geriatric Psychiatric

  • Psychotherapy

  • Sexual Dysfunction

  • Neurology

  • Substance Abuse


  • 24-hours emergency care

  • Out-patient

  • In-patient

  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation

  • Consultation liaison psychiatry

  • Therapeutic day care for children with psychological disorders

  • Medical Laboratory

  • Clinical Psychology

  • Electroencelophalogram

  • Pharmacy










Chemical Pathology

Medical Microbiology




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